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Library Services


Libraries have long been considered hubs of knowledge and community. They offer a diverse range of services that cater to the needs of their patrons, from book-lovers and students to researchers and community members. Here are some of MUT Library;

Circulation services

This service allows users to check out and check in information sources. The service is offered through the library-integrated management system, KOHA.

Current awareness services

Daily papers are provided to keep users up to date with current events both locally and internationally. Additionally, patrons are kept up with the newest library acquisitions via displays and email communications. Users are also notified via email of upcoming relevant webinars and ebook trails.

Information Literacy services

Library users are equipped with information competency skills such as identifying information needs, finding sources of information, finding information, and using information ethically through training and library orientations.

Knowledge management services

The library has installed a digital institutional repository to aid knowledge management by capturing, storing, and sharing knowledge. The repository is a collection of the university’s publications and intellectual output.

Archiving services

The digital institutional repository acts as the archive of the university’s intellectual output and publications.


The library provides access to both print and electronic information resources.

Print Information Resources

The library provides access to over 30, 000 print books and daily newspapers namely National newspaper, Standard Newspaper, Business Daily and Tiafa leo.

Electronic information resources

The library also provides access to electronic journals and books published by authoritative and reputable academic publishers. The electronic sources are accessible 24/7 through MyLOFT – My Library on Finger Tips, app and platform accessible through: . Sign up to use the app or the platform.


Books: Textbooks, literary genres

Reference Resources: Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Directories, Biographies, Handbooks and manuals, Almanacs

Yearbooks, maps and Atlases

Peiodicals: Journals, Newspapers , Magazines

Audio-Visual:CDs, DVDs

Dissertations /thesesis/ Projects

Government Documents

Examination Papers

E- Services

In today’s digital age, libraries have evolved to meet the changing needs of their patrons by offering a wide range of e-services. These electronic services have transformed the way people access and interact with information

Online Public Access(OPAC)

Online Newspapers

Internet Connection (WIFI)

Ask a librarian Service

Accessibility Toolbar

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