Loan Rules

  • The right to borrow from the library is accorded to registered members.
  • Any borrower who fails to return or renew a library item on due date, shall be charged a fine of Kshs. 5/=shillings per item per day for the days the item is overdue while short loan collection shall be charged a fine of Kshs. 5/- shillings per item per hour.
  • Patrons shall be held responsible for loss or any damage occurring to library resources while in their possession
  • The Librarian has the right to recall any item on loan.
  • Information resources which not available in the library may be obtained through inter-library loan once requests are made to the circulation librarian. Use of such items will be subject to policies in place.
  • The borrowing students may borrow 3 books, teaching staff and senior administrative staff 4, and other staff 3 books.
  • Reserve books will be issued to be read within the library for an hour.
  • The loan period for students shall be two weeks a maximum of four books, while the staff is four weeks a maximum of five books.
  • Borrowed books can only be renewed once.